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Residential property?

Experiencing bed bugs can take a toll on a household.

Your home is your fortress and should be your comfort area for relaxing and family time.  No one wants to think about bugs being inside your home, let alone sharing your bed and waking up with irritated bite marks.  Bed bugs are sneaky while hitchhiking to find a new place to call home.  It’s possible for bug bugs to go undetected for days even weeks before being discovered and identified, allowing the infestation to get established.

You can rest assured when working with G&H Bed Bug. Our thermal bed bug technicians will thoroughly inspect your home to properly identify and confirm bed bugs are indeed the issue.  Our technicians will create a safe and effective treatment action plan that best fits your unique situation.

Don’t lose any more sleep to bed bugs, G&H has you covered!

Think you might have bed bugs?

What makes us stand out from the rest?

G&H is the first, and currently the ONLY company, in the Northwest to offer bed bug thermal remediation by using a Micro Turbine Powered Industrial Heater.  Our top of the line heater was invented and designed to make a tremendous amount of heat, deliver it quickly, and provide high static pressure to push at great distances.  This is exactly what is needed to safely and successfully end your bed bug problems.  
Image of a bed bug heater used by the exterminators at G&H. Serving Boise and all of Southwest Idaho.

What does this mean exactly and why are we different from other bed bug treatment options?

The precise design and function of our heaters allow shorter thermal treatment times without compromising quality of service.  G&H heaters can safely heat multiple types of structures and fully heat large areas to the desire temperature that is lethal to bed bugs.  By using thermal treatment, we can take care of the problem in just a few hours with a high success rate.    Our thermal treatments take about half the time compared to other thermal treatment companies, typically about 4 hours including set up and take down of the equipment.


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